Providing simple solutions to complex problems since 2001

Founding Tsunami.ca was a goal that I realised in 2001, after a decade spent learning what worked and what didn’t for a large financial institution.

My team of IT professionals and I provide strategic recommendations, infrastructure design, integration, support, and analysis.

We consistently establish trusting relationships with our clients based on communication, strategy, and documentation.

As an IT generalist I have the broad experience to navigate complex technology environments and continually explore the application of innovative solutions.

About Craig Smedley


To help you realize the potential of your technology investment.

It has been my experience that many businesses realize only a small part of the potential return on technology spending. Quite often, additional benefits are missed for a variety of reasons: because there are not enough resources to complete projects, or the expertise and training are not readily available.

Tsunami.ca is dedicated to helping you get more from your investment in technology. My team and I provide business solutions that give you the competitive edge by managing information technology that allow your business to prosper.

To reduce and simplify your involvement with technology.

Many companies do not retain full-time professionals in marketing or law; they hire the services from a trusted firm when they require them. I believe that technology planning can be treated the same way.

My team and I keep up with the latest innovations in technology to provide sensible advice. Experience, service, and expert knowledge are our primary products. We achieve our goals through commitment, training, and a pragmatic approach to your business's information needs.

To reduce and simplify your involvement with technology

To maintain clear communication

To maintain clear communication.

Effective communication allows you to become more aware of and therefore more confident in your own system solutions. By communicating with you, my team is able to understand your current needs and future goals.


I believe that we can only achieve our corporate goals by helping you reach yours.

Your success is my success.

I have modeled my business principles not merely on sales or corporate growth, but on the individual successes of my clients, and how we can best provide information technology solutions that contribute to that success.

My team and I are dedicated to high-quality work and to customer satisfaction.

Earning your trust is vital to our success.

I deliver what I promise.

It is my experience that implementing features beyond those that will enhance or are required for your business process adds complexity and increases your overall risk.

The best solutions are those that meet your needs and allow for future growth while keeping your overhead to a minimum.

Tsunami Your success is my success